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Courses & Workshops

At Upper Moreton Rural Activities, we want everyone to be able to enjoy and access all our courses, some of which are supported through funding.

New Courses available in 2024

New courses are due to start in January 2024. Lots of different courses to support you with health and wellbeing, upskilling and much more! 

Please contact us for more information about our fully funded Community Learning courses.

All Community Learning courses are available to adult learners (19+) living in Staffordshire but not including Stoke-on-Trent. Locations including Rugeley, Cannock Chase, Tamworth, Lichfield, Stafford and surrounding areas. The courses are for people with mental wellbeing issues, a learning disability/difficulty or physical disability or anyone who is feeling isolated.

For more information please email

Alternatively, contact Carol Carney on 07814 237211 to register your expression of interest. 

Independence and Me 8/1/24 - 12/2/24 

This course will involve basic independence concepts e.g., travel training, online shopping, understanding household bills, looking after yourself, use of mobile online apps. Discover ways to stay healthy, motivated over the winter months with activities that promote health and wellbeing centred around animals, winter-time growing activities, countryside creativity and learning about the nature / environment around you with concepts relating to the Five Ways to Wellbeing.  

Let’s Get Crafty 9/1/24 - 13/2/24

This course will cover crafting using recycled and upcycled materials, crafting for nature and garden, crafting for mindfulness and wellbeing. Learners will create a making project each week and work towards creating a community based project too. 

Wonderful Woodworking and Tree Science 12/1/24 - 8/3/24

The course aims to encourage learners to develop basic woodworking skills in the creation of key projects. Learners will develop their knowledge of key tools and machinery they need to create various items in a safe, structured and supported environment. Learn about the different trees and what their wood can be used for, together with tree science.

English for the Workplace – 18/1/24 - 22/2/24

This course will cover the basics of everyday English and much more – for English for the workplace – learn how to complete an application form, write a curriculum vitae and covering letter and explore and practice the different written forms you may need when employed in the workplace. All of these will be combined with fun quizzes and games designed to improve your basic skills and word power.

Gardening with the Seasons 19/2/24 - 25/3/24

This course will cover different soil types, planning and sowing seeds, seed growth and propagation, growing a cut flower garden, planting, growing vegetables for the seasons, gardening to encourage wildlife, maintenance and care of all plants. The course will include a visit to the Woodhouse Community Farm and Garden.

Volunteering and You 23/2/24 - 26/3/24

The course aims to encourage learners to develop their knowledge of what volunteering is all about and what it takes to be a volunteer. Along the way you will learn how to complete an application form to be a volunteer and write a covering letter. All learners will take part in volunteering activities.

Family Gardening 5/3/24 - 9/4/24

This course will give you the skills and knowledge to teach you how to carry out spring-time gardening. Discover how to grow herbs, flowers and vegetables for all of the family. Learn how to sow different seeds, grow on seedlings, grow tasty vegetables, create spring-bulb pots and take notice of the spring season around you to promote health and wellbeing.

Cooking with Numbers and Eat Well for Less 14/3/24 - 18/4/24

The course will cover key maths concepts and practical everyday maths challenges. Learn about ratios in cooking, learn about scale by adapting recipes for people, understand the way things are costed to save money by knowing which is the cheapest option, understand your bills and what the maths in them means. All of these will be mixed in with fun games and quizzes which will improve your maths skills and understanding of key concepts.

Farm Educational days

Funded through the Natural England Educational Access Scheme 2024 – a free learning experience for schools, colleges, learning difficulties/disabilities, mental health needs, environmental, health, social, youth and any other named organisations including Care Farming organisations.

To qualify the group activity must be related to either: the natural environment; food and farming; and/or the curriculum. It is for a session of two hours or more.

For more information and to book a visit please contact us.

Want to Know More?

If you would like further information on any of the courses, activities or educational access we offer, please get in touch with Carol Carney on 07814 237211 or send us a message.

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