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  • Andy Holt

Community Learning Update

We are proud to report that we have had another outstanding grade one observation teaching and learning from Staffordshire County Council Community Learning. We are delighted with this.

Upper Moreton Rural Activities, Supported Learning, Countryside Well-being Project 25.11.19

Learners have long-term mental ill health and/or (mild) learning difficulties. They are fully engaged in the RARPA process and love looking in their folders to see what feedback the tutor has written since the last session. The weekly review includes a section for new vocabulary, as well as reviewing progress. Tutor tracking sheet ensures that tutor and support staff are all aware of progress against targets for each learner. Excellent attention to individual needs with wide range of activities for learners to choose how to engage in the session.

Carol Carney, UMRA, Countryside Wellbeing Project

Group profile: Learners with long-term mental ill-health and/or mild learning difficulties.

Clear learning outcomes and excellent tracking of progress in tutor's documentation and ILPs - real engagement with ILP process from learners who value the learning opportunities and are keen to progress.

Very good questioning and checking of learning and progress. Excellent focus on individual needs to ensure all learners' needs are catered to, and all are challenged appropriately.

Excellent teamwork between lead tutor and other staff. Wide range of high quality resources and opportunities including development of personal and wider skills, leading to high quality work from learners.

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