Fraud Alert – MATTHEW JAMES CARNEY – Bishton Lane

fraudIf you have come across a site advertising the sale of commercial plant machinery at Bishton Lane, Wolseley Bridge using the name of Matthew James Carney it is important that you read this message.

Websites advertising used agricultural and construction equipment sales by Matthew James Carney using the addresses or similar have appeared and are entirely fraudulent and in no way connected to Matthew James Carney or Upper Moreton Farm.

These websites have been reported to Police and Local Trading Standards, but due to the hosting of these websites offshore; they have proven difficult to trace and eradicate.

On no account should you engage with the site owners via the provided phone numbers, which are themselves fraudulently obtained; and DO NOT under any circumstances agree to the transfer of any money in respect of a deposit for machinery, you will lose your money, potentially have a wasted journey, and will have no means of recovering your losses as things stand.


The Carney Family

Upper Moreton Farm

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